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HSE Guillotine Repair Training Testing

[Item Image] Guillotine Safe Operation and Training
Printing Industry training for their guillotine
Some years ago we were approached by a number of high profile companies within
the Printing Industry, who enquired about training for their guillotine operators.

As a result of those enquiries we have put together several different training

The operators undertake the course at your premises at machines on which they
are familiar, and dependant upon the space available around the machine up to six
personnel can undertake training at the same time.

Bearing in mind todays litigious environment, the courses will help you the
employer to ensure that you have met your duties within the requirements of:
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992.
The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98).
The P.I.A.C. 1999 Safety Guidance.

Most employers understand the need to comply with current HSE legislation, both to ensure the safety of
their employees is not compromised and also to meet the companies liabilities under the HASWA and
PUWER regs.

Applied to guillotines for example, the provisions contained within these
documents require that you ensure that, guillotine operators are competent and have been
trained to understand the following:-

Risks arising from the use of machines including specific
operations such as knife changing and knife cleaning, etc.
The correct operation of controls and safeguards.
The importance of safe working practices.
How to carry out the daily safety checks on the machine.
How to fill in the daily log.
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