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[Item Image] Graphopress
Paper cutter guillotine from Graphopress
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The Graphopress paper cutter range is available from 45cm 67cm cutting lengths, with
electro-mechanical or fully hydraulic operation, clear plastic interlocking or infrared guarding,
and digital program options.

Graphopress is a leading paper cutter guillotine manufacturer of high-quality paper cutters
and finishing equipment for copy shops, digital printers, small printers, schools and offices.

A Graphopress paper cutter is robustly built to exacting mechanical and electrical
specifications with a pleasing, user-friendly design and intuitive operating controls.

Graphopress offers you the best range of guillotine, paper cutter & print finishing machines at
most competitive prices.

With our own paper cutter and guillotine production facilities and considerable market
knowledge, we are able to develop and manufacture paper cutters to satisfy the demands and
requirements of our customers, ergonomically designed for the European user.

All our paper cutters and print finishing machines are delivered by us with full operator
instruction and safety certification on installation.

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