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'REPRO-GRAM' Guillotine Program System

[Item Image] REPRO-GRAM Complete System.
99 Memory Repro-Gram Programme System.
With 50 steps per Programme.
RG. 1011
The complete 'Retro-fit' kit includes:

Front control panel with optional mounting enclosure.
Rotary digital encoder unit.
Interface unit for EITHER driving the existing machine backgauge control relays (if
replacing an old style magnetic tape type program unit), OR for controlling a motor
controller (0.4 / 0.75kW) Inverter Unit, to drive a 3 phase, single speed, unbraked
drive motor (Configured for 'DELTA' 200v windings),if being fitted to a 'STANDARD'
(i.e. non-programmatic) Machine.

Also available, are the necessary switches for calibration of the unit (1x V3 type),
clamp return detection and knife BDC detection (2 x Magnetic Prox Switch) for
program advance signal, plus cabling and terminations.

It should be noted that on some very old machines, it may be necessary to replace
the two-speed, braked backgauge drive motor if the brake/clutch mechanisms
and/or the motor control contactors are suspect, as to try and use unreliable units
will inevitably cause problems with the performance of the 'REPRO-GRAM' Unit.
(Original Machine Back-gauge Drives Are NOT Covered By Guarantee). In these
instances, the existing two-speed motor can be exchanged for a single speed,
unbraked motor of a similar size and the Inverter unit will provide the fast & slow
drives, PLUS an electronic 'injection' brake for accurate stopping of the
backgauge. (+/- 0.1mm).
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