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HSE Guillotine Repair Training Testing

[Item Image] Guillotine Statutory Safety Inspection
Safety at Power-operated
Paper cutting guillotines
Guillotine Statutory Safety Inspection Procedure

Safety at Power-operated Paper cutting guillotines

Guidelines have been provided by The Printing Industry Advisory Committee
(PIAC), in the correct use and maintenance of power operated paper-cutting

Guillotines must be correctly guarded and regular checks on the safety operations
should be carried out by the operator as well as a competent guillotine engineer.


Many accidents occur when these machines are not used or maintained properly.
ALL operators must receive instructions and training in the safe use of the guillotine
he/she is using. This should be provided either in house or by a reputable training
provider. This needs to be assessed periodically so that staff do not pick up bad
working habits.

Daily & Monthly Safety Inspections

All guillotines must be subjected to daily and monthly checks, plus six-monthly
Examination, Test & Report, as appropriate. Checks should also take place after
every knife change.

A log must be kept of the results of daily/monthly checks and knife changes. This
log should be kept by the machine along with any engineer's reports or safety
check paperwork.

Six-Monthly Inspections

These inspections are required on all power operated Guillotines. The inspections
should be carried out by a competent guillotine engineer. The engineer will check
brakes, clutches, interlocks, switches, cams & guarding etc. Stopping performance
of these machines is very important, as well as gauging clamp pressure. These are
tested with specialist equipment.

REPRO-LINK guillotine engineers have been trained in undertaking the six-monthly
inspections and have a great knowledge of the units they work on.

All our paperwork conforms to the current regulations.

We can obtain replacement parts for most types of guillotines.

We provide two types of services:

(a) INSPECTION ONLY, in which we will undertake all the checks required and
compile a report (like an MOT).

(b) INSPECTION & SERVICE, in which we will carry out the checks as well as
Changing or topping up all oils, checking calibration, and cleaning the machine down.

Inspections start from as little as 100.00 + VAT.

For further information call our Service Dept. on: 01737-371234

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