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HSE Guillotine Repair Training Testing

[Item Image] REPRO-LINK Safe Working Practices

(1) Our Field Service Engineers will adhere to the site Safety Rule &
Regulations & will be aware of, & enquire into, any hazards or dangers within their
working area.

(2) Employees will sign the visitors/sub contractors book, if requested to do

(3) Employees will make every effort to ensure that they work safely & do not
place other persons at risk or injury.

(4) Field Service Engineers working at customers premises are responsible for
their own safety & should only work on the equipment for which they are trained.

(5) Before commencing work on any equipment, employees will ensure that
the equipment is isolated from all electrical supply unless or until such power is
required for testing &/or fault tracing.

(6) Much of our work requires access to dangerous parts &, by necessity,
bypassing or isolating guards. Extreme caution and awareness, therefore, are a
standard part of our daily working practice & hand-operation is always undertaken
in such circumstances, unless powered operation is absolutely necessary.

(7) Employees shall advise the responsible person of any safety precautions
required to isolate the machine & restrict access by unauthorised persons.

(8) Warning signs shall be displayed where necessary &, wherever possible,
isolators shall be padlocked to prevent unauthorised persons from attempting to
gain access or operate the equipment inadvertently.

(9) Employees shall maintain a tidy working area around the equipment. It is
the responsibility of the responsible person to ensure that access is clear to the
equipment with sufficient space around for the removal & safe placement of
dismantled parts, with work surfaces available for tools & inspection, as required.

(10) Employees will ensure that adjustments, repairs, lubrication & spares are
equivalent to, or in excess of, the manufacturer's specification.

(11) All guards, covers & safety systems are routinely checked during our work.
Any faults or damage found during our work will be recorded on the work sheet &
brought to the attention of the responsible person, with recommendations as to the
action required before the equipment can be put back into operation, or what
remedial work is required if it is agreed that the faults do not affect the integrity of
the equipment's safety systems.

(12) Any defect found in the safety systems by our Field Service Engineer will
be brought to the immediate attention of the responsible person &, if repair is not
possible, he will lock off the machine & instruct the responsible person that the
equipment must not be used. A letter will be issued stating the reasons for
prohibition & warning of the penalties should an accident occur if the equipment is

(13) If our engineers consider their working environment or the behaviour of
surrounding personnel are likely to cause damage or accident to themselves or
equipment, they will report their concerns to the responsible person & leave the
area or the site, until the matter is rectified.

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